Monday, May 26, 2014

Equipment update #3 camping stuff

My departure date is really close now. I have 4 more days of work, a long week-end, then I'm off Tuesday June 3. I've been spending the last few weekends gathering all the stuff I think I'll need. 

- Columbia Lost Lake Backpacking Two-Person Tent
- Asolo Silva rectangular sleeping bag
- Therm-A-Rest Camplite Sleeping Pad
- 2 tarps (9' x 14' and 6' x 8')

- A Biolite campstove and the the Biolite Kettlepot. The stove uses wood for fuel and has a fan that is powered by the heat using a thermal electric generator. The generator also powers a USB outlet to charge a phone, but all the reviews tell me it's mostly useless!
Pinnacle Soloist is a nesting cooking pot and bowl. It comes with a stuff sack that doubles as a small sink (on the left in the picture)- cool feature!.
- small cast iron pan

Biolite Camp stove
Biolite Kettlepot

Pinnacle Soloist

- Petzl headlamp
- folding 3-legged stool
- rope and bungee cords
- a hatchet
- a couple of spoons, forks, knives, a can opener


  1. You also need a mickey (for cold nights).

  2. I will be curious to read your opinion of the BioLite. I think I would have opted for an MSR multifuel stove which can burn regular gas and just charged my electronics off the bike. Safe travels. I'll follow you along on your blog.

    1. Hey Owen
      the stove works well depeding on what you're making. Boiling water and heating a small pan is good. I wouldn't want to bbq! It's more labor than gas as you need to feed it every few minutes. Small (3") and dry is best. You'll need a hatchet. Also the USB charger is mostly a gimmick. I'm using the 12v outlet on my bike to recharge stuff.