Thursday, July 24, 2014


I stopped in a hotspring for a massage before moving on from Ouray, Colorado. 
The campground I found was at 8200 feet near Crested Butte and from there I rode though the canyons and mountain passes of the Gunnison park. I spent a little more time on dirt and gravel and I like the new rear tire, a Michelin Anakee III.
Next, I crossed the Continental Divide just east of Aspen, and stopped for the night in Buena Vista. Then, a quick run up and down Pikes Peak and through Colorado Springs to the high plains of cowboy country!


  1. By George, I think she's done it--finally!!!!

  2. ewe figgered out how to post? Ba ha ha ha!

  3. You're exploring a part of the continent I have always wanted to see! Are you going to Ely Nevada by any chance?

    1. Colorado is really beautiful. Hiking, rafting, mountain biking trails everywhere. Campgrounds are great too. Unfortunately, I need to move eastward so no more time for Nevada. What's at Ely?