Thursday, June 05, 2014

Equipment status

Waterproof bags - one was more waterproof than the other. It rained on my first day leaving Montreal and my clothes bag leaked though all the seams. I used duct tape on the inside to seal them all. Unfortunately this did not solve it, and I'm thinking of replacing the bag. F*#@ing made in China :-(

Wateproof gloves - not quite so waterproof after a couple hours (despite the salesman who demoed them under a running faucet!). Solution: a pair of PVC farmer gloves I picked up in a Saskatchewan truck stop for 6 bucks to go over my gloves.

Homemade luggage plaform - clothes bag tended to shift (my son predicted that would happen) and was getting in the way of my rear view with the mirrors. Even one tie-down strap came loose, so I glued on some abrasive strips. This fixed the problem.

Wolfman bags - definately waterproof. Even food smells don't escape which keeps the racoons away!

Gopro camera - works well except the battery doesn't have enough life. Considering getting a spare.

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