Friday, June 13, 2014


From Winnipeg I drove to another deserted campground, this time in south western Manitoba. Took a loose gravel road for about an hour and it felt pretty unsteady with my road tires and a heavy load on the bike. Happy to say that I managed to stay rubber side down!
Next day I covered 770km from middle of nowhere Manitoba to middle of nowhere Saskatchewan. Actually that's not fair. I followed the advice of my new friend Steve from Winnipeg and ended up in the beautiful Grasslands national park in southwestern Saskatchewan (groundhog capital of Canada, or something). Animals everywhere. The camping area is actually fenced off to keep the free roaming bison out!
I met Hubert, the German engineer who is on the last leg of a 4 year RTW trip on a 1990 BMW R100. Huge trip from western Europe through Russia, Mongolia, southeast Asia, Australia,  New Zealand, then up from Argentina to BC and now across Canada.


  1. Gare aux bisons et aux rattlesnake !
    Keep it up, ├ža a l'air incroyable !

  2. Jonathan DumasJune 27, 2014 2:48 pm


    Merci pour les belles photos des prairies!