Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Sunday was another full day riding (540 km) with Brett and Olivier. Ontario is a really big province.
Olivier has been motorcycle camping for years all over Europe,  Russia and Mongolia. He had his bike shipped from France and his plan is to go to Alaska, then to South America! Brett left Toronto 9 months ago and has been on his bike ever since. He travels incredibly extra-light: just a tankbag and a fannypack (!).

We spent the night at Merkel's Camp on the shore of Wabigoon Lake. We ate fresh fried pickerel (aka walleye in the states) that was given to us by a neighboring camper. Delicious!
Monday we split up. Olivier picked up the TCAT at Kenora and went offroad. Brett went looking for new tires for his Honda in Winnipeg.

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  1. COOL, le MANITOBA!!! On veut des photos! Des champs avec du soleil couchant!

    And pictures of large roadside attractions: