Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Great first day

Left the house at 7:30 and said goodbye to everyone in front of the house.
Spent the day riding to a provincial park in Penetanguishene on the Georgian bay - just over 700 km. I arrived to a deserted campground in Awenda Provincial Park. Not a person in sight! Even the park office was locked, but there's a self check-in box!
Made some Indian food for supper (boil-in-bag style) using my new stove. Worked pretty well. It needs to be continually fed short sticks and its pretty efficient with the fan.


  1. Penetanguishene? There's anguish in there! You didn't hit the rain? We had a big thunderstorm here that day.

  2. No anguish, but lots of mosquitos! Had some rain on the 401 but it was clear when I got to the campsite.