Friday, June 06, 2014

Lake Superior

Friday I rode from Manitoulin to lake Superior. About 430 km on windy roads, then along the trans-canada. As I got to Sault Ste Marie, getting ready to cross the border into Northern Michigan, I stopped at a Tim's to get my bearings and to set up my phone to work in the US. A guy in a pickup hauling a BMW R1200RT pulls up next to me in the parking lot. We started talking about bikes (what else?) and how he had just broken down in Colorado with a ball bearing problem. He asked me where I was headed so I told him about the border. He proceded to dissuade me by saying he'd been on these roads and how much more fun it is to go over the top of Superior through Canada. The upside to going through the states is cheaper gas and it's about 2 hours shorter.
I changed my plans, followed his advice and spent the first night on Pancake Bay on the northeastern shore of the lake.
Saturday I woke up early, had a hot shower (finally! ) then had the best bacon and eggs ever. I rode 480 km but got caught in the rain and 10C temperature. I hooked up with a couple other bikers: Brett on a 2002 Honda VFR 800 and Olivier from France on his BMW 650 x-cross challenge. We decided we had enough of the weather and ended up sharing a room in Rossport, about 2 hours east of Thunder Bay (which was my original destination for today).


  1. Ah.. the beauty of landscapes and rhymes. Mmm... those eggs and bacon on pancake bay :)
    Thanks for sharing these with us.
    Make the most out of this awesome experience mon chou and be safe!

  2. Thanks cous! And looking forward to seeing you in August.

  3. Jonathan DumasJune 09, 2014 1:12 pm

    Salut Eric! C'est cool que tu publies des photos!

    J'ai h√Ęte au Manitoba.

  4. Good choice btw I have done the US route manytime and it is boring. Faster, but way too boring. Its a good choice only if you want to get there quick (in a car with 3 kids going back home from Montreal).