Saturday, June 21, 2014


I made it to the west coast after a full day of riding from the Okanagan valley. More beautiful country and amazing roads through Washington state's Columbia river valley, then through Stevens Pass (elevation 4,056 ft) in the Cascade Mountains.
Eventually found my way to Avi's house, an old high school buddy I haven't seen in 25 years. We got together that night with friends from high school, Vinnie and Adam, to reminisce about the old days, who's doing what, etc. A great time that was long overdue. 
The next day I didn't even start my bike, but instead Avi took me on an urban hike through the hilly streets of Seattle to see the sights and a lot of blown glass. That night we went out for supper with his lovely family for bbq (big here in the states) and gelato.
From Seattle I headed south towards Mount St.Helens, that famously blew its top in 1980.

Portrait made from chocolates!
Mount St. Helens
With Avi and Vinnie


  1. A lot of blown glass? Seattle seems interesting... ;-)

    1. There's lots of blown glass galleries. We even walked through a mall that had lots of glass on display.