Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Oregon coast

I drove from Mount St. Helens and stopped in Portland Oregon for groceries. When I finally got to the coast it was getting late and impossible to find a campsite that wasn't fully booked (saturday night, first weekend that school's out: my bad!). I stopped to ask a local for directions and he offered that I stay in his backyard. That's how I met George, a retired Episcopalian minister, who let me pitch my tent on his lawn, offered that I use their shower and made me some coffee in the morning.
Next day I continued down the coast towards California.


  1. Wow , you're going coastal now. Must be beautiful!

    1. Yeah,it was nice. And i loved walking along these big empy beaches

  2. Trop cool ! Quelque chose me dit que ces paysages feront pas mal partie de tes highlights ! - Frank